Corrective Treatments

3d Eyebrows Microblading

At Laser Beauty Medical Spas, we often work with new clientele who come to us after having a bad experience elsewhere on many different service types.  That’s why at Laser Beauty Medical Spas, we specialize in fixing conditions that other practices either cannot, or have tried but failed.

Save yourself the embarrassment, added cost and wasted time by visiting a provider that is inexperienced, or operating on inferior equipment.  Often times providers will lure in new customers with lower price points on services, however, lower price points often mean that the staff is inexperienced, or the equipment is inferior – which allows those operators to offer a lower price point.  Often this can lead to risky procedures that can create injuries, or even be life threatening.  They nearly always result in patients that are dissatisfied who ultimately need to seek out a superior provider such as Laser Beauty, and not only pay for and spend time in corrective procedures, they will have to pay for and spend time going back and completing the procedures again to obtain the original results they were hoping for.

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At Laser Beauty Medical Spas, we are committed to providing you with exceptional, affordable and compassionate care. All of our medical aestheticians and technicians are licensed and certified with the highest of standards and education in performing skin rejuvenation, skin care and laser hair removal in the state of Texas, and our facility is overseen by a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Naveen Setty.

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Laser Beauty Medical Spa offers specialized laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation services for all of the facial and body areas listed above.  We are laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation experts and take pride in only offering select services at our spa with technicians and medical estheticians who specialize in each treatment. Explore our services below:

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