Laser Hair Removal Cost

Per Treatment Prices:  $15-$299
Package Prices:  $399+

Call us for more information on price options, substantial discounting for multiple areas and payment plans.
There is no obligation to purchase a full package.  Patients are welcome to try a treatment of one area to see results before purchasing a full package.
Be careful when researching price for laser hair removal.  Many spas will offer a seemingly low price, but often this is on an ineffective laser, so that package of 6 treatments must be purchased a minimum of 3-4 times to become hairless.  At Laser Beauty Medical Spas, we see most of our customers completely hairless after one or two packages.  The other consideration is your time.  When you can become hairless after 6-12 treatments at Laser Beauty, why would you want to take the time for 20-24 treatments on an inferior laser?
For laser hair removal to be effective, the technician must be able to choose laser settings that will be optimal for your skin and hair type. Additionally, the technician must carefully cover the area treated and last, the equipment being used must be the most effective technology.
With chemical peels, there are similar considerations.  There are several types of peels available and different levels on how effective they will be in treating the targeted problems.   You can purchase a lower priced chemical peel, but typically it will be a lower level peel that will give you a slight exfoliation.  To get true results as quickly as possible, the peel ingredients are key.  Additionally, your esthetician must be medically trained and capability of providing an intense, yet safe, application of the peel to get you  the results you deserve.
The goal at Laser Beauty Medical Spa is to provide patients the best results for the lowest overall cost in laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation. We pride ourselves on having a very satisfied group of customers who are very happy with their results and have received the services promised to them.