Per Treatment Prices:  $21-$299

Package Prices:  $199-$1,199

Call us for more information on price options, substantial discounting for multiple areas and payment plans.
There is no obligation to purchase a full package.  Patients are welcome to try a treatment of one area to see results before purchasing a full package.
Patients will find lower priced laser hair removal services on the market, however, Laser Beauty Medical Spa will provide you the lowest overall cost for laser hair removal in Plano, Frisco, Allen, Richardson and Dallas.  Laser Beauty Medical Spa focuses on one thing, laser hair removal, with our experienced professional level technicians, and our technology, nearly every patient needs only one, one and a half or two packages to become hairless.  Other lower priced options will require at least four packages to become hairless when they are using less effective equipment, or equipment that has not been properly serviced.  The goal at Laser Beauty Medical Spa is to provide patients the lowest overall cost for laser hair removal.  We pride ourselves on having a very satisfied group of customers who are very happy with their results and have received the service promised to them.